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The worst of tech companies is still moving to Oakland: Uber. And we’re not backing down. We demand that Uber work with the community to hammer out a constructive agenda to protect Oakland’s residents, workers, minority-owned businesses, and community organizations, while upholding the city’s values of diversity, equity and justice. Rise up against displacement:

We are proud to endorse No Uber Oakland, because we believe in affordable housing, workplace justice, and the arts community in Oakland:


Click to tweet: #Oakland is coming together to say NO to @Uber in our city #NoUberOakland. Join us:

Click to tweet: #NoUberOakland unless @Uber gets serious about upholding our city’s values. Rise up against displacement:

Click to tweet: Without changing, Uber will accelerate the tech boom that often displaces people. #Oakland, rise up. #NoUberOakland

Click to tweet: I endorse #NoUberOakland to protect #Oakland’s residents, workers, small & minority-owned businesses & nonprofits.  

Click to tweet: #NoUberOakland unless @Uber work with its neighbors to uphold #Oakland’s values.